We Get Results

We Get Results

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Over 20 years of experience in Criminal Defense
Several “Not Guilty” verdicts and Dismissed cases

MI Criminal Consultation has achieved success throughout Michigan Courts. Our advice has led to numerous “Not Guilty” verdicts, dismissals, no-public convictions, and numerous reinstated driver’s licenses.

We protect the future of young offenders through Holmes Youthful Trainer Status [HYTA]. We help older adults keep their jobs by obtaining “delayed sentences” that result in dismissals. We help licensed professionals keep their careers by use of a “drug deferral” [MCL 333.7411]. Dozens of Michigan operator's licenses are restored each year by the use of our legal expertise.

We have walked people through the new expungement laws; explained the court process – arraignment through jury trial – and their various trial rights. People count on us for a seasoned, experienced opinion on their criminal cases. We give the advice you won't in the law books.

Read our case results, and you’ll see we are equipped to answer complex criminal law questions or provide a case evaluation that will offer a way out.

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Confession Suppressed: The police refused to allow the Defendant to leave the interrogation room. Miranda violated because a person can terminate a police interrogation at any time.

Methamphetamine Charge Dismissed: The vehicle stop was legal, but Defense counsel proved the MSP chemical tests were invalid.

Tampering with Evidence - Not Guilty Verdict: Showed the Prosecution’s witness to have lied about Court filings in a prior case.

OWI 2nd - Not Guilty Verdict: Developed an alternate person, not interviewed by police, could have been the drunken driver.

CSC - Not Guilty Verdict: The jury rejected eyewitness testimony. We showed how the physical evidence proved the eyewitness’s version was impossible.

Drug Case Dismissed: Latent fingerprint testing showed that the drugs found in Defendant’s car had not been touched by him, so the case was dismissed.

Breaking & Entering: Not Guilty Verdict: The defense overcame fingerprint evidence by showing a legitimate reason for Defendant’s fingerprints being on the property.

OWI 3d [felony] – Case Dismissed: A defense pretrial motion proved the police lacked a legal basis for stopping the vehicle.

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