Pre-Charging Advice

Pre-Charging Advice

One of the most crucial points in your criminal case is BEFORE you are formally charged with a crime. At MI Criminal Consultations, we show you various actions you can take to potentially avoid criminal charges.

For example, we assist clients in preparing alibi defenses, medical-based defenses, and defenses based on mental illness. We explain how to get independent testing for drugs and alcohol or arrange for in-patient treatment. You need an advocate to build your defense BEFORE the prosecution begins – MI Criminal Defense Attorneys will protect your rights.

Once the police accuse you of committing a crime, criminal charges soon follow. You need a criminal defense attorney who understands the potential charges. Before you talk with the police, you should consult with an attorney. What you say to the police can and will be used against you.

A police interview is a tool used to elicit evidence of a crime from you. Our first step is to help you decide if you should talk with Law Enforcement. Perhaps we can show the police how to get the information they need without interviewing you. Maybe a polygraph completed by an operator not affiliated with the police will exonerate you. But, if you decide to speak with the police, a MI Criminal Defense Attorney will prepare you for the interview.

Our goal is to help you avoid criminal charges.

Law enforcement uses predictable steps when investigating a crime. You have a right to an attorney anytime during the investigation. MI Criminal Consultation helps you avoid missteps that could land you in jail.

If Law Enforcement has asked to speak with you, it’s likely you’re the focus of their investigation.

MI Criminal Defense Attorney helps you prepare for all police contacts. If you decide to talk with the police, you will be prepared & confident.