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Obtain accurate answers to criminal law questions. We carefully review your questions, apply Michigan criminal law and give you an answer based on over 25 years of criminal law experience.

Criminal law is driven by specific facts. No one explanation fits all cases. Our Question Forum learns about your particular facts and then applies the law to give you a unique answer. MI Criminal Defense Attorneys deliver a prompt and accurate answer. One fits the facts of your case. Cheap internet information appears reliable. Oftentimes people misinterpret such information and end up losing their cause.

Most criminal law questions require interpretation by a licensed attorney. The experience of MI Criminal Defense Attorneys will put you spot-on to the right answer. For example, how to ask for an adjournment. What’s a substance use evaluation? Where can I get one? I missed a court date. What now? What happens to my Michigan Operator’s License if convicted of drunk driving?

The MI Criminal Defense Attorney forum answers key questions:

The MI Criminal Defense Attorney forum answers key questions:
  • Is Certain Conduct Illegal?
  • Did the Police Have a Legal Reason to Stop Your Vehicle?
  • Do You Qualify for Holmes Youthful Trainee Act [HYTA]
  • Do You Qualify for “.7411” Sentencing?
  • What is a Delayed Sentence?
  • The Estimate Jail-prison Time for Your Charges.
  • How to Get Your Michigan Driver’s License Back.
  • Do You Qualify for an Expungement of Your Criminal Record?
  • Straight Answers About Michigan Court Procedure.

The MI Criminal Defense Attorney Forum saves you thousand’s in attorney fees while providing an experienced, accurate, and timely answer to your criminal law questions.